Dr. Guy Gutman, M.D. is a senior expert and a leading surgeon in the field

Dr. Guy Gutman

A specialist doctor with over 20 years of experience

Treatment of condyloma
and medical advice

What is a condyloma wart?

Condyloma is one of the most common venereal diseases, appearing in the form of warts caused by exposure to the papillomavirus.


The disease can infect both women and men.


Exposure to the papillomavirus occurs in one of the following ways: vaginal intercourse, oral intercourse, anal intercourse.


Some of the factors that increase the

risk of infection and contagion:

– Unprotected sexual contact

– Multiple sexual partners 

– Sexual contact with people whose sexual past is unknown to us

– Weak immune system

Some of the risk factors for infection and contagion

Unprotected sexual contact


Sexual contact with couples whose sexual past we do not know

Depressed immune system

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Dr. Guy Gutman

Senior physician at the Clalit Health Fund’s women’s health center in Hod Hasharon. Specialist in gynecology and cervical medicine, senior physician, and specialist in the treatment of condyloma.

Main areas of expertise:

General gynecology, diagnosis and clarification of fertility defects in women and men, ovulation follow-up, fertility treatments, insemination and in vitro fertilization, pregnancy follow-up, adjustment of contraception and termination of pregnancy, as well as treatment of papillomavirus and removal of condyloma.

Dr. Gutman graduated from the Ben-Gurion University School of Medicine in Beer Sheva.